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C-Level Career Opportunities

If you have held senior executive positions in business over a number of years, particularly as an SMB senior director, managing director, president, or CxO, you may be wondering about your next “move”. If you enjoy giving back to your community and the idea of helping small business owners achieve exceptional results appeals to you, one of your options may be to become an accredited business advisor, working as part of a network of high caliber colleagues with extensive experience in every industry and aspect of business.

If IIB code of ethics is consistent with your own values and you are interested to learn more about how your hands-on help and practical advice to other business owners can be the beginning of an exciting and rewarding chapter for you, and you are willing to give (pro bono) a certain amount of time each mounth, please call 301-706-2945 or e-mail us today. Michael Akbar will be glad to share with you his own personal experience and help you determine if becoming an Accredited Executive Associate is for you.

If you feel that it makes sense for you to pursue this path, you will be referred to appropriate contacts with IIB so your experience, strengths, and weaknesses can be further verified and assessed. If you are eventually invited to go through Accreditation, you will be provided with intensive classroom and distance learning training and upon accreditation will be assigned a mentor and will enjoy ongoing training to help you become and effective member of our network of executives. Ongoing training is by associates for associates, as we all rely heavily on each others’ knowledge, skills and experience. Michael believes this has been the most exhilarating chapter in his career. Find out for yourself.