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Executive Coaching

  • What do you want for your life?
  • Is your business helping you get there?
  • Are you getting there fast enough?
  • Is your non-concious mind fighting your goals?
  • Are you working on your goals or someone else’s goals?

We set goals all the time. Some of us even make sure that our goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a timeline). And yet we don’t always move towards those goals with passion. What is going on? How well can we lead others when unknown forces may be holding us back?

The fact is that we are far more driven by our non-conscious mind than what our conscious mind produces in the form of goals and dreams.

To get anywhere we need to get to know ourself better and my colleagues and I give you the technology, tools and processes to discover your doubts and fears and then walk through them to the other side. Once the invisible chains are broken, learning and discovery becomes easy and joyous and taking actions to achieve your goals become play.

As you review our coaching phillosophy below, keep in mind that as a business advisor Mr. Akbar constantly gauges a client’s knowledge, motivation, confidence and skill to determine whether it is appropriate to be a coach, mentor or advisor in that moment.

Our coaching phillosopy is based on the following principles:

  • Clients are born with all the resources to reach their goals
  • Coaching is to facilitate bringing client’s resources to the task
  • Coaching is essential for achieving excellence
  • Coaching helps bring out the best in coach and client
  • Excellence in coaching is about bringing our gifts in syntony
  • Excellence in coaching is about letting our spirit flow freely
  • Coaching is a privilege for the coach
  • Coaching is a confidential relationship
  • Coaching is all about the client
  • Effective coaching is a choice
  • Small businesses reflect the owner, so any change and progress needs to start within the owner

Mr. Akbar has defined a set of key performance indicators for himself and his clients. Every session, every interaction is gauged against these performance indicators. With our initial goals and objectives in mind we can determine if the coaching process is moving you closer to those goals and whether it is time to conclude our relationship or set even higher goals to achieve.

Call 301-706-2945 or e-mail us today for a free and confidential session. At the end of this session, together we will make an assessment as to whether Mr. Akbar’s approach and processes are the best way to achieve your goals.