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It’s not about us! It’s about you. Syntony means to be in harmony with self, others, and the universal consciousness; a prerequisite for walking in the other person’s shoe and feeling what they are experiencing. As Mr. Michael Akbar the founder of Syntony states:

“Syntony is the foundation for everything else we bring to our clients”

Our focus is on the business owner, his or her dreams, challenges, and aspirations; everything else is just the knots and bolts of the business; knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences that Michael Akbar and over 4500 other executive associates of IIB have lived and breathed well over quarter of a century. That is long enough to have seen multiple business cycles and survived to tell the tales.

But what sets Michael Akbar apart from other business advisors is what he has discovered about himself. He is the Bulldog at his client’s side. Through a series of personal life experiences he has discovered his gift of persistence, endurance, strength and optimism; never quitting a situation or a person, in the darkest moments inspiring others to rise to the occasion and use their enormous gift of creativity and ingenuity to turn the corner for their businesses.

While Michael is available for complimentary consultations, as mandated by IIB, he dedicates most of his time to clients who have engaged him through equity arrangements, and those companies he will eventually list for acquisition.

Call 301-706-2945 or e-mail us today to schedule your Free Advisory Session and join other executives who have achieved their goals.