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What Kind of Results Clients Have Achieved

Other results:

  • Transformed his me-too IT company to a provider of unique software to government market
  • Self-regenerating documented systems brought higher profits, higher morale, and lots of free time
  • Improved customer retention rate by 4%, leading to 23% increase in profitability
  • Embraced a win-win paradigm that led to a new revenue stream with government contracting alliances
  • Out of the box strategic thinking lead to acquisition of larger competitor
  • Gained market leadership by rethinking (out of the box) company‚Äôs original positioning
  • Developed and successfully implemented succession plan meeting his personal goals
  • Clarified values led to partners who brought complementing skills and a profitable early retirement!
  • Maintained life balance in all 8 areas as company consistently went through 30% annual growth
  • Became an effective mentor to his key personnel
  • Improved interpersonal skills at work and saving marriage at home
  • Transitioned from a sales executive to the owner of her rapidly growing business — in a slow economy
  • Dramatically improved employee retention and productivity by using value-based assessments
  • Clarified personal goals led to a 78% growth in revenue using a business plan that reflected those goals
  • Completed a quality business plan in record time through improved personal management skills
  • Overcame call reluctance and improved focus on priorities through neural-reconditioning practices
  • Overcame preconceived limitations and successfully promoted her company to partners and clients
  • 50% increase in work orders per shift with the same level of resource utilization
  • Retained capture rate while reducing advertising expenditure by 43%

You are always the one in control, deciding what goal(s) you want to focus on and Michael Akbar and other executive associates of IIB will help you get there, with absolute certainity.

Call 888-431-0698 or e-mail us today because Michael Akbar is required by the Institute to personally give (pro bono publico) a certain amount of time each month to other business owners in our community.