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Since 1984 Executives Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) have worked with thousands of small businesses worldwide. During this period, as mandated by IIB, its Executive Associates, including Michael Akbar, founder of Syntony Business Advisors (SBA)* have met and given a certain amount of pro bono time each month to business owners in our communities. Over these years, we have come across three broad categories of business owners:
Helping business owners achieve

  • Those who look at their business as a way to make a living. They work “in” their business and many earn less than what they would be paid working for someone else. Most continue to face ongoing challenges, financially and otherwise.
  • Those who hope to sell their business “some day”. For many, “some day” never comes or when it comes they found themselves not in the most advantageous position, thus getting very little for a lifetime of hard work and dedication.
  • Those who recognize that planning to sell their business or passing it as a great legacy to their children is a little bit like contributing to a retirement fund. You can try to contribute a lump some after a number of years (few of us have that luxury), or you can build far more wealth simply by making regular contributions of a small amount.

Those in the third category take continuous small steps towards the 7th stage of business success, in most cases spending not a penny more than the other business owners, and always making more profits, every year.

Interestingly, SBA, and other IIB associates, have found that what sets this category apart is not education, expertise, experience, or good fortune. The difference is a mindset, and no matter in which category you find yourself today, if you approach your business with the mindset of the third category, that is, those who work on their business, not in their business, you will get even more out of your free advisory session with Michael Akbar or any of his Accredited business associates.

Call 301-706-2945 or e-mail us today to schedule your Free Advisory Session and join other executives who have achieved their goals.

At the end of this session you will have a set of strategies specific to your business so you can immediately start adding value to your business, realize your dreams, and leave a legacy, working no harder than you do today.

* Please note that on this page, SBA refers to Syntony Business Advisors, not Small Business Administration. For information on Government’s SBA program, please go to www.sba.gov. Occasionally we are asked about the difference between Government SBA’s SCORE program and Syntony Business Advisors (SBA)’s free advisory sessions. SCORE which stands for Service Core of Retired Executives is a service you can obtain by visiting an SBA assigned location. Syntony Business Advisors (SBA)’s free advisory session, which is conducted at your place of work, is a private sector initiative and is offered by active business owners in your community, who are accredited by IIB.