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Effective Listening

Few weeks back I wrote about my discovery of how Toastmasters helps my clients do a better job of cold calling. I also spoke of the primary reason I joined Toastmasters few years ago. My reason was to become a better speaker. What I didn’t realize was that Toastmasters was going to help me in […]

Toastmasters and Cold Calling

Most people hate cold calling and that includes both those who have tried it and those who didn’t even bother. There is no question that cold calling is not the most enjoyable part of doing business but for many startups and even for mature businesses there are times when cold calling is a necessary evil […]

The Marketing Module

Today my colleague Gary Banko and I presented the marketing module of the small business university at the Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union. I am scheduled to present the sales module next month on Thursday 2 April.  The focus of the presentation will be on business owners who also have to perform sales functions as well […]

Business Owners University

I have now started to promote the program we have put together as Business Owners University (SM).  Furthermore I plan to engage my other colleagues at the Institute for Independent Business to participate and deliver the Business Owners University (BoU) content all across the country.

Where a business owner sits is a tough and lonely spot!

I ended the last post with the question of how the owner’s unique profile relate to the state of his or her business.   Well a business can also be broken up into 8-11 areas.  The founder of CMT, Carl Gould discovered an interesting association. He labeled Sales and Marketing into “I”ncome, Operations and HR […]

Help your business thrive in hard times

Now in the previous post I talked about the basic principle that should make every business owner very excited about economic hard times.  Realizing that this is an opportunity for us, if we apply the right tools, then how do we go about this?  What are some of those tools and strategies?   My good […]

Small Business University (SM)

This week I will be working on the first in a series of new modules I am putting together for small business university(SM), a series of presentations aimed at helping business owners with practical advice that works.  One of the largest credit unions in our area will be sponsoring and promoting these presentations.  Since these modules are […]